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‘Tis the season for employee background checks. Hire temporary help wisely.

The dust has cleared from the kitchen and shoppers are full of turkey-fueled spending motivation. Your customers are ready to spend their cash on gadgets, clothing, toys and everything else you have to fill their season with holiday joy. In order to accommodate this shopping surge, you often need extra help which results in hiring part-time, seasonal hiring for the holiday season

While seasonal help provide a means to manage crowds, and maximize sales, business owners must remain vigilant in their hiring practices.  43% of all retail inventory shrinkage stems from employee theft. Wow! That means your employees steal more from you than actual shoplifters do (shoplifters account for 37% of losses).

While it may seem like crunch time is here and you don’t have time for proper employee screening, you might ask yourself the more important question…Do I have time to investigative theft, fire employees who stole from me and then replace them mid-season? The answer is a resounding NO.

Now is a perfect time to partner with Safelutions and get the crucial information you need to prevent employee theft and other problems. Safelutions background checks are always performed by experienced, licensed investigators using the most accurate and current information sources available. You can start the process during a brief, 2-minute phone call to our investigations team and then we handle the rest. When the investigations is complete (most within 1-hour) your final report will allow you to instantly make an informed decision. It really is that easy!

We want you to be successful this year and have the greatest holiday sales season ever. Do not fall prey to the false belief that you are immune from employee theft or that you do not have time to have your employees properly screened.

Despite the reality that your seasonal staff may not become permanent members of your staff, they can produce losses that can ruin your efforts and profits from the entire year. Temporary employees mingle with your merchandise and decide how much cash makes it to your register drawer. They then know the inner workings of your business.  Temporary staff know the manager’s routines, the security practices and how they can increase their hourly earnings by stealing from the company.

Need to sort through multiple applicants? Pre-Screening Offers Big Rewards at a Small Cost.

The pre-screen process can be completed in less time than it takes for the applicant to fill out the job application. Instantly see which candidates are ineligible for a position before you ever interview them or waste precious time reading through their application. As an added bonus, Safelutions will apply the full amount of each pre-screen towards the full background investigation if the applicant becomes a top contender.

Safelutions not only pioneered the pre-screening process, we made the regular use of pre-screening the new standard in hiring. Call us at 877-505-3233 or visit us online at and reduce your risk every time you accept an application. Happy Holidays!safelutions_logo_cert_9