Tabletop Exercises

As the old saying goes, “Poor planning leads to poor performance” and this is especially true with emergency planning.  The time to plan for war is during peacetime and the time to plan for high liability, high risk incidents, is before they occur. 

Safelutions provides customized scenarios for administrators and managers to use for staff training.  Tabletop exercises are conducted in a controlled setting, usually in a conference room, and allow management teams to talk through various incidents in order to become familiar with new emergency plans and policies and to test these plans before practicing in front of other staff or employees.  The Safelutions experts facilitate discussions and highlight potential pitfalls during tabletop exercises that can save you thousands of dollars by identifying and solving problems before and incident or live exercise occurs.

During the tabletop exercise, management teams assume their role as they would during a live event.  Talking about their role and responsibilities allows managers to think of questions and problems that may arise in a live incident.  After completing a tabletop exercise, your administrators and managers will emerge more confident and prepared than ever before and they will be able to effectively lead your organization during times of crisis.

Contact us today and ask about the type of scenarios we can provide for you and take the next step towards meeting your safety goals.