Safety and Security Assessment

The goal of any safety program should be to increase both the real and perceived safety of the people who live, work or play at the facility. At Safelutions, this process begins with our comprehensive safety assessment. This assessment consists of three phases which are designed to identify vulnerabilities, implement changes and build trust in your organization. No other company helps you leverage your safety program the way Safelutions does. We guarantee your students, staff, parents or customers will feel safer than ever and you will enjoy positive results for years to come.

Phase 1 – Identify vulnerabilities & deficiencies

  • Thoroughly review current safety program and policies
  • Review current emergency response plans and physical security measures
  • Identify training & safety equipment needs

Phase 2 – Implement Plans / Install Equipment

  • Install physical security equipment / cameras
  • Develop new emergency response plans
  • Deliver training and conduct exercises

Phase 3 – Testing/ Evaluation

  • Test new safety program
  • Implement marketing strategy to highlight key security benefits and gain support for the safety program and increase brand value
  • Provide ongoing support for your safety program

The Safelutions techniques improve engagement in your safety program and significantly increase brand value. You have safety problems. We have Safelutions.