Live (Reality Based) Exercises

There is no better way to prepare for an incident than to partake in a live exercise that simulates the stress and complications of a real incident.  Safelutions provides you with a customized scenario program that usually builds upon the tabletop exercises previously completed by the management staff.  This crawl, walk, run approach allows your school, business or organization to build upon your previous training and adhere to your written plans and programs.

Live exercises can feature anything from a suspicious person to an active shooter, and everything in between.  We promise with 100% certainty, that everyone in your organization will benefit from a live exercise.  Your people will thank you for the opportunity to confront their fears and increase their confidence.  Live exercises also allow people to take immediate action during an incident, thereby increasing the chances of saving lives and decreasing losses and liability.  

Contact us to learn more about live exercises and how a custom-designed exercise can benefit your business, school or organization.