Classroom Training

Workplace Violence Prevention

The best way to prevent workplace violence is to educate the members of your organization on the common warning signs of violence and the methods to report suspicious activities. Safelutions’ workplace violence prevention classes have helped many people gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence they need to be successful.


Emergency Planning for Business Managers

As business owners and business managers you are expected to understand the dangers that face your organization, your employees and your customers.  Safelutions’ Emergency Planning for Business Managers course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the unique dangers associated with many common emergency events.  More importantly, you will have an opportunity to work through your organization’s current emergency plans and readiness levels and make improvements based on the examples covered in this class.  You will emerge with a fresh insight into emergency planning, a more focused and detailed business emergency plan and a greater level of confidence that will enable you to effectively manage any emergency that arises in the future.


Once the emergency happens, the time to plan has passed.