Anonymous Tip-Line Service

The Safelutions anonymous tip line service enables people to take action to protect others.  Threats of school or workplace violence, a shooting, a bomb threat, bullying, suicide, sexual assault or any other act of violence  can be reported 100% anonymously.  Employees can anonymously report theft or fraud and then receive monetary rewards for their assistance.    

 Make reports via our phone tip-line, smartphone app or online.  Save a life or stop financial crime with ease and anonymity.


Success Stories

  • A student reported ongoing bullying at his middle school which resulted in discipline of one student and the opportunity for another student to build confidence and learn in a happy and healthy environment.
  • A tip reveals a gun on an elementary school bus, leading to it being confiscated.
  • A sex-offender is arrested when a 13 year old girl reported disturbing Facebook messages.
  • A caller tells of an adult who sells drugs to high school students, which leads to an undercover police investigation and subsequent arrest.
  • A church recovers $3,500 of stolen offerings after a tip was received from an anonymous parishioner.
  • A logistics company identified a corrupt employee who was arranging thefts of cargo for multiple months and worth over $3 million.  The employee was arrested and the thefts immediately stopped.


The Bystander Effect

There are dozens of cases where people stood by and watched violent attacks and never attempted to intervene or call the police in order to get the victim help.  Many of these cases resulted in the death of the victim and ALL of these cases could have been avoided.  If you see, hear, or notice someone who you think is planning to hurt another person or themselves, call the Safelutions hotline.  You have the option of remaining completely anonymous or you can provide contact information for a safety expert to follow-up with you.

Listen to your instincts because they are right.  If you feel concerned enough about someone’s actions or statements to even consider if you should tell someone about the threat or incident, you should absolutely take the next step and report the information to the tip line. Knowing is only half the battle, but doing something to stop the threat is the important part that saves lives!

 Be a bold protector of people…you will be glad you chose to report concerns when others did not have the courage to do so.