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What does it mean to be a Safelutions “Safe School”?

Schools that have earned accreditation as a Safelutions “Safe School” have passed a rigorous evaluation and improvement process in which their employees have undergone background investigations to ensure their level of safety and integrity, their school and facilities have passed safety inspections and their staff has been trained to effectively manage emergencies and dangerous situations.

Why should I send my kids to a Safelutions “Safe School”?

Our children spend most of their day at school and school should be a safe place for them to learn. The school grounds should be properly secure and employees, as well as anyone that comes in contact with your children, undergo background checks. At Safelutions, we set high standards for our clients and hold them strictly accountable for your child’s safety. Make a promise to your children that you will protect them and try to only put them in the safest environments when they are away from you. Entering your child into a school that is not a Safelutions “Safe School” may put them at risk and their safety is too important to put in jeopardy. Choose a school with confidence and be proud of your smart decision. Demand a safe learning environment…Demand a Safelutions “Safe School” certification.

How does a school become a Safelutions “Safe School”?

Earning accreditation as a Safelutions “Safe School” highlights a school’s commitment to the safety of their staff, students and associates. Each step increases the school’s overall security program and upon completion, the newly accredited school is ready to enjoy the benefits associated with being a “Safe School”.

     Phase 1

A Safelutions security expert will discuss your school operations, staff and facilities to identify vulnerabilities and deficiencies. A new security program is then designed to achieve maximum security potential.

     Phase 2

Background checks are completed on staff, volunteers and other key personnel. Security plans are established and training is provided. When relevant, physical security upgrades are completed in this phase.

     Phase 3

Marketing begins and ongoing support structures are established. Phase 3 is when the Safelutions “Safe School” accreditation is awarded and your school begins to realize the value and benefits of the program. Marketing strategies are developed for your school and the power of Safelutions’ marketing networks is fully realized.

How can I find a Safelutions Safe School?

For a current list of schools that maintain an active Safelutions Safe School certification, visit   You may also call us at 877-505-3233 for assistance.

Why should I become a Safelutions’ Safe School?

Earning accreditation as a Safe School with Safelutions immediately shows parents, students and employees that you are serious about their safety. Safelutions Safe Schools enjoy increased attendance and have higher employee and student retention than their non-accredited peers. The Safelutions Safe School seal is only awarded to the best schools who employ trustworthy and hardworking people. Safe Schools have developed the best security programs and stay current with the latest trends and security services. Get started today and start enjoying the many benefits of being a Safelutions Safe School.

Benefits include:

  • Immediately gain recognition as a safe and Safe school
  • Increased referrals as a direct result of your new identity as a “Safe School”
  • Increased parent, student, employee satisfaction and reduced fears/complaints
  • Rise above competitors as a trustworthy and experienced leader
  • Continuous support and marketing power from the Safelutions marketing team
  • Reduced risk of lawsuits and liability equals savings on legal and insurance expenses
  • Instantly become a member of an exclusive, professional network of certified companies and schools
  • Ability to recruit and retain the best talent while improving employee retention
  • Elevated status within the school community
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