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Tenant Background Check ServiceRenting a property can be a stressful job, even for the savviest of landlords. Attracting good tenants is only the first challenge that must be overcome. The second and more difficult step is to identify the best possible tenants based on credit histories, safety risks and a bundle of other factors.

Unfortunately, not all tenants are created equal and some will lie on their lease applications leaving you with major stress and financial hardships due to missed payments, property damage, criminal activity and declining property values.

As Jessica Bosari states in her article “Screen Tenants without Getting into Trouble” you can ask questions to discern if that applicant is the right fit for your property.

Checking into the background of applicants can take hours if not days. Verifying the accuracy of their application is your first line of defense against nightmare tenants. The second defense is a thorough and credible background investigation. Partnering with a company like Safelutions exponentially increases your probability of success and drastically reduces your risk by verifying tenants’ information and uncovering harmful facts they often try to conceal from landlords.

Continue using your own rental application or use the complimentary online application Safelutions provide for property managers. Either way, you will be more comfortable and confident in your tenant selections once you receive the first background results from our expert investigators.

Visit the property manager section of the Safelutions website to see how easy it is to achieve the safety, cost savings and peace of mind our other clients already enjoy. Today is the day your best tenant will be revealed!