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What Happens Behind the Closed Doors at Your Office?

A recent NY Post story highlights the purpose of tenant background checks. The landlord leases professional office spaces in Manhattan to businesses for “normal” office use.  However, as the news article indicates, the landlord neglected to use experienced investigators to perform detailed background investigations on the prospective tenants and their business’ validity.  Saving a few dollars before renting the space may have seemed like a prudent option, but as we can now see, the cost of evicting the seedy tenants and pacifying the other displeased tenants will surely be the more costly result.

NY Post Sex Party image

NY Post article on Manhattan Sex Party Office Leases

The landlord rented his office space to this business assuming they would be utilizing it for ordinary business practices, such as making phone calls and meeting with clients. While phone calls were surely made and clients definitely came to meetings, they were not the type of socially acceptable client interactions one might expect.

According to the lawsuit filed against the tenant in question, other tenants in the building were complaining about “excessive noise coming from the subject premises which continued until early morning hours on Friday and Saturday nights.” Also, according to the filing, “tenants are now fearful for their safety and the safety of their loved ones when entering and exiting the building.” Apparently other tenants had frequently been confronted by the racy renters inquiring whether they were “coming to the party?”

Without providing too much detail these parties consisted of “adult” interactions which started as early as 12:00 pm during the work week.  While adult businesses certainly operate throughout NY and other cities, regular businesses could suffer serious losses and legal liability if their clients or employees were subjected to explicit, sexual or otherwise offensive images, videos, noises etc.

Clearly, the landlord should be concerned that civil or criminal sanctions are a realistic possibility against his or her business as a result of the tenants office usage and “parties” violate building codes, health codes and possibly criminal statutes.

The next time this landlord rents his office space, you can be sure he will be asking more questions and hopefully doing a full background check on the potential clients and company. It is a wise idea to learn from the mistakes of others, so the next time you rent an office or home to a tenant, verify their suitability and purposes first.

Utilize Safelutions’ pre-screen checks you can quickly verify an applicant’s identity and uncover high risk disqualifiers. Safelutions expert investigators will verify applicants’ identities as well as their criminal history, sex offender status and pending foreclosures.

Full background investigations include the points from the pre-screen plus social media profiles, civil case history, reference checks, credit checks, global terrorist watch lists and many other searches. Remember the costs of all pre-screen checks, will be applied to a background investigation of the same individual if the applicant signs a lease.

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