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School Safety

Are You Celebrating?

America’s Safe Schools Week is October 19-25, 2014. Students, parents and faculty members face more danger and uncertainty in schools than ever before and the liability looming over school administrators increases daily. The US Bureau of Justice Statics states that 96% of school administrators surveyed nationwide admit they are not adequately prepared to handle a large-scale emergency. The remaining 4% of administrators prepared their schools for danger and set the example for their peers to follow.

One of the most important decisions parents make is where to send their children to school. Safety is consistently ranked as a top priority for parents, so schools that fail to promote safety are missing key opportunities to improve their standing with parents and students.

This October, commit to being a leader in safety and let Safelutions develop a “Safe School” campaign for your school. We are the experts in school safety and we guarantee to make your school a happier, more productive and more outstanding place for children to learn and grow.

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