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Fireworks and hotdogs await but don't forget about water safety and social media dangers.

Fireworks and hotdogs await but don’t forget about water safety and social media dangers.

Enjoy a Stress-Free 4th

Fireworks, hot dogs, and ice cold beverages rule our thoughts as we approach this Independence Day weekend.  Beaches are beckoning, mountains are calling and swimming pools promise to lend a refreshing escape from the heat.  At Safelutions, we are exited about celebrating too.  Consider these quick tips to make your holiday safe and enjoyable. 


Delay Facebook Posts.

Watch your social media postings.  Criminals know that millions of homes and businesses will be left unattended while people vacation this weekend.  Be mindful of your social media traffic and keep the advanced notices to the bad guys to a minimum.  Instead of telling everyone on the internet that you are going to Grandma’s beach house for the weekend, wait until you return to post the pictures that show how great your trip was.  By delaying your posts, you reduce the risk someone will burglarize your home or business.  You will also get to focus your attention on those you love by living “in the moment”.


Watch the Water!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 3,600 deaths due to unintentional drowning each year throughout the U.S.  Not surprisingly, the number of drowning deaths sharply increases during the 4th of July weekend.  Even more staggering are the number of near-drownings that required emergency room visits.


What can we do?  Watch the Water.  Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4.  Approximately 33% of child drownings in 2013 were attributed to poor adult supervision.  We encourage parents to adopt a “Water Watcher” system in which one responsible adult is tasked with watching the water whenever children are near.  Take turns every 15 minute so fresh eyes are always on duty.  Most importantly, remember that the “on duty” person should always be 100% focused on their task.  Do not distract the water watcher.  Make it a true Lifeguard role and take it seriously.  Water accidents happen in a split second so please, please, please stay alert.



Remember the struggles our great nation faced long ago and appreciate all we have in 2014.  While no country is perfect, the ol’ US of A is still the greatest nation on the planet.  Relax because you can.  Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their icy beverage by the pool or beach while chowing down on a deliciously healthy stick of processed American beef!


Live Safe.  Be Happy.