Churches and community organizations have become the targets of violence in recent years.  Prudent leaders must take action to protect their people.

Emergencies happen wherever people congregate.  Everyone deserves to be safe.  Organizations are responsible for protecting their members and facilities. Whether a church congregation of 20 or a community organization of 2,000, we will help assess your safety program and maximize security with cost-effective solutions.


  • Churches and civic organizations provide a platform for violence because of extremist beliefs and emotionally charged behaviors.
  • 92% of church violence is perpetrated by a congregation member or other person who is closely connected to the organization.
  • People have a right to be safe and feel safe while they practice their religion or serve their communities.


  • Theft
  • Parental Abductions
  • Child Abuse
  • Medical /Security Emergencies


  • Policy Development / Training
  • Access Controls and Security Ministry
  • Background Checks / Training
  • Emergency Plans / Training

Whether you are a pastor, business administrator, youth director, Sunday school teacher or other member of a faith-based organization, you can improve your organization’s safety.  Religious sanctuaries provide a crucial feeling of solace.  Ensure your facility is safe so your members can feel safe and enjoy peaceful worship.


Church Safety Case Study – First Presbyterian Church
Church Safety Case Study – First Presbyterian Church
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