Strategies for Business Security

What Happens Behind the Closed Doors at Your Office?

Is it appropriate to ask for a tenant's intended use of the commercial or residential space you are renting? This article highlights the need for thorough background investigations and clear terms of use for any lease agreement. Property managers/owners can avoid serious legal troubles and financial losses by employing competent investigators to verify an applicant's business, financial stability and the possibility the property is going to be used for illicit purposes.

What Happens Behind the Closed Doors at Your Office? A recent NY Post story highlights the purpose of tenant background checks. The landlord leases professional office spaces in Manhattan to businesses for “normal” office use.  However, as the news article indicates, the landlord neglected to use experienced investigators to perform detailed background investigations on the prospective tenants and their business’ validity.  Saving a few dollars before renting the space may have seemed like a prudent option, but as we can now see, the cost of evicting the seedy tenants and pacifying the other displeased tenants will surely be the more costly result. NY Post article on Manhattan Sex Party Office Leases The landlord rented his office space to this business assuming they would be utilizing it for ordinary business practices, such as making phone calls and meeting...

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Featured Client: New Urban Suites – Tampa, FL

Entrepreneurs and small businesses need clean, safe and professional offices where they can work, meet clients and store files. Many executive suites exist in Tampa Bay but not all buildings are created equal.  One of the premier office options in central Florida is operated by New Urban Suites.  The friendly and professional staff at New Urban understand the needs of their clients and have taken another step towards securing their position as the #1 office location in historic Ybor City.  New Urban is currently the only office facility in Ybor City that has earned accreditation as a Safelutions Trusted Company! Angela Hagerman, the manager of New Urban Suites and owner Walton Chancey are dedicated to their tenants’ success and safety.  New Urban Suites’ clients and tenants include a wide array of businesses ranging from architectural firms to attorneys...

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‘Tis the season for employee background checks. Hire temporary help wisely.

‘Tis the season for employee background checks. Hire temporary help wisely. The dust has cleared from the kitchen and shoppers are full of turkey-fueled spending motivation. Your customers are ready to spend their cash on gadgets, clothing, toys and everything else you have to fill their season with holiday joy. In order to accommodate this shopping surge, you often need extra help which results in hiring part-time, seasonal staff. While seasonal help provide a means to manage crowds, and maximize sales, business owners must remain vigilant in their hiring practices.  43% of all retail inventory shrinkage stems from employee theft. Wow! That means your employees steal more from you than actual shoplifters do (shoplifters account for 37% of losses). While it may seem like crunch time is here and you don’t have time for proper employee screening, you might ask yourself the more...

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Featured Client – Audio Visual Experts: Brick, NJ

Our homes are sacred castles. They are our most intimate and personal domains. We go to great lengths with locks, cameras and alarms to keep strangers out of our homes. So it is no surprise we feel nervous about allowing in-home contractors into our home to perform repairs, renovations, maintenance or deliveries. So how can we reduce our fears and ensure our families and our possessions stay safe when inviting strangers into our home for such services? Hiring premier companies like Audio Visual Experts in Brick, NJ is the best way to increase your family’s safety. Audio Visual Experts is one of the few prestigious companies in NJ that has taken the ultimate step in customer safety. James, Matt and the others at this great company recently earned their certification as a “Safelutions Trusted Company”. In order to become certified, they underwent background investigations to...

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Featured Client – Once Upon A Child: Lakeland, FL

Featured client - Once Upon A Child: Lakeland, FL

Mark Dainty (President of Safelutions) and Chris Diaz (Co-Owner of Once Upon A Child: Lakeland, FL) Customers deserve to know when their favorite companies are going above and beyond to ensure their shopping experience is safe and enjoyable. Chris and Melissa Diaz, the owners of the Once Upon A Child store in Lakeland, FL demonstrated their commitment to their customers recently by becoming a Safelutions “Trusted Company”. Chris, Melissa and the rest of the team love their customers and take every precaution possible to protect them and the little people they are buying clothes and toys for. Operating a retail store that is 100% focused on small children requires constant vigilance and trained eye for danger. As a requirement of the Safelutions Trusted Company accreditation, all new staff members at Once Upon A Child will be required to pass a thorough Safelutions...

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FBI study proves mass shootings are on the rise.

FBI study proves mass shootings are on the rise. Since 2000 there have been 1043 casualties in 160 different mass shooting incidents in America. Not surprisingly, 70% of the shooting incidents occurred in private businesses and schools. Most importantly, 21 of the 160 shooters were stopped by unarmed citizens! Make today the day you take action to protect your business, school or organization. Safelutions has helped many people like you improve their security while staying within their budget. Call us now to get started....

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4th of July Safety Bulletin

Enjoy your hotdogs and fireworks safely this summer. Check out these quick reminders to guarantee your 4th of July weekend is a "booming" success.

  Fireworks and hotdogs await but don’t forget about water safety and social media dangers. Enjoy a Stress-Free 4th Fireworks, hot dogs, and ice cold beverages rule our thoughts as we approach this Independence Day weekend.  Beaches are beckoning, mountains are calling and swimming pools promise to lend a refreshing escape from the heat.  At Safelutions, we are exited about celebrating too.  Consider these quick tips to make your holiday safe and enjoyable.    Delay Facebook Posts. Watch your social media postings.  Criminals know that millions of homes and businesses will be left unattended while people vacation this weekend.  Be mindful of your social media traffic and keep the advanced notices to the bad guys to a minimum.  Instead of telling everyone on the internet that you are going to Grandma’s beach house for the weekend, wait until you return to post the...

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Stay Alert-Stay Alive Safety Tip #5

Learn a quick tip for protecting yourself and those you love against burglaries and other dangers to you and your home.

Stay Alert-Stay Alive tip #5.   Door Bell Bandits   Scenario: You are at home during daytime hours when your doorbell rings.  You see a white male, approximately 30 years old standing at your door.  He is relatively clean cut and dressed in a polo shirt and jeans.  Your initial impression is that he is a solicitor.   He appears to be carrying some papers in his hand that look like flyers for a local restaurant. Your compassionate side compels you to open the door and talk with the individual.  You assume that he will hand you a flyer and tell you of a special promotion at your favorite restaurant.    The Real Situation: The person at your door is not a salesman nor is he working to promote local eateries.  He is actually a career criminal whose long history of violent crimes including robbery, burglary and theft.  He...

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Conflict of Interest: Security vs. Convenience

This is a helpful post that is designed to help the reader embark on a simple self-examination of their security program. Remember that security should always work to improve and complement your business, not impede your progress.

Security vs. Convenience The best security programs offer high levels of security that seamlessly integrate with your business operation and workflows. We often think of “conflict” in terms of scheduling problems or clashing ideas.  However, conflict is also defined as “an opposition of interests” and “incompatibility of one idea, desire, event or activity with another”. Conflicts between security and efficiency exist because they were implemented with little consideration for the operations they are securing.  For example, new locks are often added after vulnerabilities were exploited such as after a burglary.  Not surprisingly, this piecemeal approach solved one problem (fewer burglaries when bars were installed on windows) but created another (lost business because unsightly and uninviting bars also deter customers).  While the bars may have reduced the appeal for...

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