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Conflict of Interest: Security vs. Convenience

This is a helpful post that is designed to help the reader embark on a simple self-examination of their security program. Remember that security should always work to improve and complement your business, not impede your progress.

Security vs. Convenience The best security programs offer high levels of security that seamlessly integrate with your business operation and workflows. We often think of “conflict” in terms of scheduling problems or clashing ideas.  However, conflict is also defined as “an opposition of interests” and “incompatibility of one idea, desire, event or activity with another”. Conflicts between security and efficiency exist because they were implemented with little consideration for the operations they are securing.  For example, new locks are often added after vulnerabilities were exploited such as after a burglary.  Not surprisingly, this piecemeal approach solved one problem (fewer burglaries when bars were installed on windows) but created another (lost business because unsightly and uninviting bars also deter customers).  While the bars may have reduced the appeal for...

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Easy Way To Inventory Your Property Before A Storm

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As you prepare your familiy for the upcoming storm season, you have to plan for the possibility of evacuating your home for safer ground. In this post, we explain how you can use your smart phone to document and inventory your personal property.

Storm season is upon us. Now is a perfect time to start documenting and inventorying your valuables. Having accurate records and descriptions speeds up the insurance claims process after a disaster and it reduces your stress. Use your cell phone camera to take pictures and a quick video of the contents of your business and house today and again just prior to evacuating for a storm. Doing so immediately prior to the storm will help you with the claims process and limit disputes over what property was actually in your possession at the time of a natural disaster. Don’t forget to film the facility or dwelling from the outside as well to show the condition of the house structure before any damage. The same is true for your cars, motorcycles, boats etc.  The added benefit of the cell phone is that you will almost always take it with you and you can send or post the pictures/video to...

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