School Safety Case Study – County Lane Child Enrichment Center

Case Study:

Organization Name: Country Lane Child Enrichment Center
Industry: Preschool - Dance School
Location: Lakeland, Florida

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The Question
How can we upgrade our security plans to make our students safer and reflect the latest technological advances?  

The Safelution
Cameras were installed to increase safety and decrease liability.  Energy saving security enhancements (including tinted window film) were installed and teachers received training to better manage emergencies.  Emergency notification services allow the school to immediately notify parents of an emergency and pass important information to them to reduce confusion and misinformation.

The Benefit    
The school lowered its risk of liability and its energy costs.  Kids are now free to play and learn in a safe and carefree environment.  Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their school is serious about safety.

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One of the most important decisions parents make is where to send their children to school.  Safety is consistently ranked as a top priority for parents, so schools that fail to promote safety are missing out.  Since their founding in 1983, Country Lane has seen many changes.  One recent set of changes enables them to enjoy technological advances that help them remotely monitor their school, prevent violence and keep in constant contact with the parents of their students.  


Kids are happy. Parents are worry free. Teachers are ready for anything.
-Mark Dainty, CEO of Safelutions, LLC


We helped Ms. Kim, the school Director, update her safety plans to reflect current dangers and liabilities.  Safety film was installed on the school windows which increased security and reduced energy costs.  Country Lane is now greener and safer than ever before.

Wireless cameras were installed strategically throughout the campus to allow the administrators to monitor parking/drop-off areas, restrict building access and monitor teaching activities.  Parents gained increased assurance that their children are enjoying safe play and learning throughout the day.

The Safelutions BOLO Emergency Notification Service now allows parents to be immediately notified of emergencies, school closings and other urgent messages on their smartphones and email accounts.  This feature also increased word-of-mouth advertising and positive referrals for the school.  The return on this small investment was realized within the first week of use.

Country Lane is now safer and more energy efficient than ever.  This school is a true example of how Safelutions helps increase value and how the right security measures extend far beyond door locks and alarm systems.