Church Safety Case Study – First Presbyterian Church

Case Study:

Organization Name: First Presbyterian Church
Industry: Church and Child Care
Location: Lakeland, Florida

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The Problem
This church needed to increase security of its sanctuary and child care facilities but did not to sacrifice the beauty and feel of their campus

The Safelution
Emergency plans and staff training were completed to streamline operations and eliminate confusion and misinformation that sometimes causes dangerous lapses in security.  A video camera system was installed that allows parents to watch their kids while they learn and deters criminal activity.  Emergency notification services allow everyone to stay involved and have immediate access to important information.

The Benefit
Church members feel safer and are more confident in their church leaders.  They expressed great appreciation that their children are safer in the childcare and school facilities and they are able to focus more on their faith and less on their safety.

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Regardless of your religious preference, we want to ensure your family is safe to practice that religion. Since the beginning of time, religion has been a source of emotional peace as well as emotional turmoil. While the vast majority of people in our world are kind and gentle followers, there are others who seek to harm them simply because they practice a different religion. Churches, synagogues, temples, and other sacred places of worship have been targeted and their people have been harmed.

Freedom of religion includes the right to SAFELY worship.
–Mark Dainty, CEO of Safelutions, LLC

We provide the knowledge and ability to help you protect your people and keep the freedom to worship alive. Safelutions provides safe, functional measures to increase security while maintaining the peaceful, safe and happy feeling fitting for such an essential sanctuary.

We helped this Florida church achieve the following three goals.

  1. Increase Safety
  2. Preserve aesthetic appeal, minimize obtrusive security measures
  3. Promote safety in a positive way that highlights the church’s commitment to its people while acting as wise stewards of church funds

By listening to the needs of the leaders as well as the members, we were able to help them accomplish each of their objectives within their budget and in a way that greatly increased the value for everyone. Leaders are now more confident, kids are safer and the adult members are free to focus on what is most important…their faith.