Small Business Safety Program Case Study – Brewer Realty

Case Study:

Organization Name: Brewer Realty
Industry: Property Management / Real Estate Firm
Location: Lakeland, Florida

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The Problem

Assessing the multitude of threats facing a property management company in central Florida is no small task, yet it is crucial to long-term success of the business. This company’s emergency plan was well intentioned, but it needed more clarity and organization. Technology advances were not being used to maximize company resources.

The Safelution

The need to instantaneously communicate is essential to a property management company. Brewer Realty now uses the Safelutions “BOLO” service to send emergency information to their clients. They also reduced paper records by converting to digital file storage. They are more confident and have less risk of liability when dealing with emergency situations such as industrial accidents, floods, fires and severe weathers.

The Benefit

By switching to digital files, they can now instantly retrieve records, and with the BOLO service, they can quickly pass on emergency information. Brewer Realty remains committed to serving their clients during emergencies. They reduced costs, increased revenue and strengthened relationships.

Call us today to discuss how your business can benefit thru a partnership with Safelutions.


Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Value

If you own a home in Florida, you worry about natural disasters. If you manage 50 homes as a profession, you worry about natural disasters every day. As a real estate broker and property manager, Christy Brewer must prepare for nearly every type of emergency imaginable. Prior to working with Safelutions, Christy had a keen sense of what her clients’ needs were but was concerned that she would not be able to effectively communicate with all of them during an emergency. She also realized that her business had grown in size and scope over the years and she needed a way to streamline emergency plans while minimizing risk and maximizing the return on her investment.

I am more confident and prepared than ever. I can immediately communicate with my clients and can act swiftly to minimize damage and risk.
-Christy Brewer, Owner of Brewer Realty

After thoroughly reviewing the needs of her business and her clients, we recommended approximately 45 points for improvement. The best part for Christy was that 40 of them required no capital investment. Because customized, creative solutions were implemented, Christy was able to achieve greater preparedness, more confidence and better client relations. Her safety program was upgraded and she remained under budget. She even realized significant savings on her annual insurance premiums.

Brewer Reality continues to be the premier property management firm in its region. Christy’s clients are happier and more prepared than ever before. Now, when the weather forecast looks bleak, Christy can activate her plan and focus on what is important…her clients. Brewer Realty is a prime example of the success of our emergency planning program. Learn how Safelutions can help you achieve the peace and confidence Christy has.